Worldwide Collect Calls via Skype

According to the Wikipedia list there are 206 sovereign states worldwide. Even for a big company it would be hard to manage toll free numbers for all of these countries. So, we decided to provide our Collect Calls via Skype, as well.

This means, you can reach our call center agents from all over the world. All you need is a Skype account, a mobile device and a stable internet connection.

Preconditions for Collect Calls via Skype worldwide

  • Skype-Account
    If you don’t have already, you can register for Skype at
  • Skype-Software
    You will find the suitable app for your device here.
  • Wifi / internet access
    Last but not least, you will need Wifi for this application.

How to make Collect Calls via Skype

To make Collect Calls via Skype is really easy:

  1. Click the Skype-button at our website.
    (To get this service into you Skype-Favorites, please add the UserID “” at your Skype-account.)
  2. Wait until you get connected with one of our agents.
  3. Follow the agent’s instructions.

Some advice

  • Add our Skype account to your Skype contact list – so saved this contact for future needs.
  • Of course you can reach us via Skype from the countries for which we have toll free numbers as well.

As usual: Have a nice trip wherever you are!

Best regards,


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