Business Opportunities

We are always open for new business challenges and different types of cooperations. Our services might extend or complete your product portfolio. By different use cases we will show you how a cooperation could work for you.

Payphone Provider

Business Opportunities

Payphones and telephones boxes often characterize the landscape of a country or a city. E.g. the red British phone boxes are famous all over the world. 

The history of phone boxes is quite diversified: In the past, coins were the only way to make a call in a phone box. Later, phone boxes that accpeted telephone cards or credit cards were implemented everywhere - even text messages or photos could be transmitted in many phone boxes. Every once in a while former phone boxes became internet terminals - so that today phone boxes celebrate  a comeback as WLAN hotspots. 

Some of the traditional services yet are still alive, such as Collect Calls, Credit Card Calls and others such as toll free services. Predominantly in touristic areas (e.g. airports or train stations) those services are offered via public phones. 

Are you running public phones? We would be happy to offer you and your customers our services. 



Collect Calls are often promoted within hotel room brochures. Sometimes the information is also given on the hotel phone itself, promoted by tendcards or by a short key on the phone. Still, Collect Calls are a welcome service appreciated by travelling and domestic Americans.

We can offer our services within your house. We can simply provide you our toll free numbers or marketing materials such as brochures or business cards.

Business Opportunities

Inquiry Services / Call Center

Business Opportunities

Call Centers or Inquiry Services usually provide information and might forward callers to the recipients they ask for.

Collect Calls (Reverse Charge Calls), Credit Card Calls or Third Party Billing Calls are usually not part of the portfolio of an Inquiry Service. These services are very complex and cost-expensive.

At this point we can appear as a service partner. Simply forward requests you cannot handle to our call center and cause a win-win-situation.

Travel Agencies

Mobiles and smart phones made it very easy to communicate while being on holiday or abroad. Nevertheless Collect Calls are an useful service i.e. for reasons of danger or emergency.

Through a Collect Call you can get in touch with your family, your bank or your insurance if needed when no own telephony device is available for any reasons, because i.e. it has been stolen. A toll free number for an international operator assisstance service should be part of any vacation documents.


Business Opportunities

Any other idea?

Business Opportunities

You would like to cooperate with us? Take the ideas above as a suggestion. We are open for any of your ideas as well.

Please let us know how we can help each other and drop as a line.

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