Collect Call Numbers

Flag Call from… Toll Free Number
USA Canada USA / Canada 1.866.888.6681
Australia Australia 1800.226.430
Collect Call NumbersCollect Call Numbers Austria 0800.296.479
flag belgium 18x12 Belgium 0800.71187
flag brazil 18x12 Brazil 0800.591.8039
Collect Call Numbers France 0800.900.624
Collect Call Numbers Germany 0800.DIALUSA / 0800.181.6974
Collect Call Numbers Greece 00800.161.220.33000
Collect Call Numbers Guatemala 999.9189.4012
Collect Call Numbers Hungary 06.800.14476
Collect Call Numbers Italy 800.786.163
Collect Call Numbers Netherlands 0800.022.5998
Collect Call Numbers New Zealand 0800.444.371
Collect Call Numbers Mexico 01800.099.0676
Collect Call Numbers Poland 0800.121.1985
flag portugal 18x12 Portugal 800.180.185
Collect Call Numbers Spain 900.951.586
Collect Call Numbers UK 0808.234.3776
Collect Call Numbers Skype SkypeID:

Worldwide Collect Calls via Skype

According to the Wikipedia list there are 206 sovereign states worldwide. Even for a big company it would be hard to manage toll free numbers for all of these countries. So, we decided to provide our Collect Calls via Skype, as well.

This means, you can reach our call center agents from all over the world. All you need is a Skype account, a mobile device and a stable internet connection.

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International Collect Calls

Online for more than 10 years we provide you with transparent and reliable international operator services, such as International Collect Calls, Credit Card Calls or Third Party Billing Calls.

You can reach our agents via toll free number from a lot of countries worldwide.

Our Services

Collect Calls / Reverse Charge Calls

Make telephone calls within or to the USA or Canada (landline and mobile) at the called party's expense.
Our operators attempt your call and connect you, if the assumption of costs is accepted.

Third Party Billing Calls

Make telephone calls worldwide at a third party's expense.
Our operators attempt your call and connect you, if the assumption of costs is accepted.

Credit Card Calls

Make telephone calls worldwide, pay with your credit card.
Our operators validate your credit card and connect you with your destination.

24/7/365 at your service

Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year! Our call center agents are always happy to help you.

Multilingual Operators

Your native language is not English? That is no problem. Our call center agents speak your language.

Automated Operator Services

Even in case all our agents are busy, some of our services are usable for you as an automated operator service.

How it works

Using our services is very easy:

  1. Choose the toll free number of the country you call from.
  2. Dial the number.
  3. Follow the instructions of the operator.

Our agents are happy to help you!

A country is not listed?

Actually we provide toll free numbers at several countries all around the globe from where to call our international operators. If you are missing a number on the list, please drop us a line. We will verify how we can help you.

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