Collect Calls / Reverse Charge Calls

Collect Calls (also known as Reverse Charge Calls) are calls being billed on the called party’s expense. That makes the call free of charge for you.

In emergencies, such as sickness abroad or in case of lost or stolen debit or credit cards, this could help a lot. Your insurance, bank or your credit card company might be thankful for a quick report.

Our operators will connect your call request to your chosen destination. Finally you get connected after the recipient has accepted taking over the charged for the call.

If all our call center operators are busy you might be connected to an automated system. Actually we provide Collect Calls (Reverse Charge Calls) destinated only to Canada - landline and mobile phones as well. The billing will be done through the called party's telephone invoice.

Third Party Billing Calls

Third Party Billing Calls are calls that involve a third party which gets billed for a call. Instead of calling the recipient first, the operator calls a third party asking for acceptance of the bill. After this has been clearified the call's recipient gets called and directly connected.

It's quite similar to ordinary Collect Calls or Reverse Charge Calls. There are two main differences:

  • Not the recipient is going to be asked to take over the costs but a Third Party that is not involved in the phone call itself.
  • Third Party Billing Calls cannot only be terminated in the USA and to Canada, but to all over the world. But as the billing has to be done through the telephone bill -  the third party has to be in Canada.

Credit Card Calls

Credit Card Calls are operator assisted calls billed on a credit card. This is an alternative for calls destinated to other countries than the USA or Canada as these calls can be destinated worldwide.

Further you can chose paying your call by credit card if a collect call's recipient refuses the collect call request.

Credit Card Calls are billed directly to you or subtracted from your debit or credit card account. We accept all major credit cards.

Multilingual Operators

Our call center is placed in Nevada, USA. Their multilingual agents work hard to offer you the best available service.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 (sometimes 366) days a year – our call center agents are always happy being at your service. They guide you through the process calling collect or by credit card.

Even there is a 5x redudancy, in case of all agents are busy the call center provides an automated service as a backup.

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