Collect Call Numbers

Flag Call from… Toll Free Number
USA Canada USA / Canada 1.866.888.6681
Australia Australia 1800.226.430
Austria 0800.296.479
flag belgium 18x12 Belgium 0800.71187
flag brazil 18x12 Brazil 0800.591.8039
France 0800.900.624
Germany 0800.DIALUSA / 0800.181.6974
Greece 00800.161.220.33000
Guatemala 999.9189.4012
Hungary 06.800.14476
Italy 800.786.163
Netherlands 0800.022.5998
New Zealand 0800.444.371
Mexico 01800.099.0676
Poland 0800.121.1985
flag portugal 18x12 Portugal 800.180.185
Spain 900.951.586
UK 0808.234.3776
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