Collect Calls

Collect Calls (also know as Reverse Charge Calls) are calls being billed on the called party’s expense. That makes the call free for you.

In emergencies, as of sickness abroad or in case of lost or stolen debit or credit cards this could help a lot. Your insurance, bank or your credit card company might be thankful for a quick report.

Our operators will connect your call request to your chosen destination. As the receipient accepts the call you get connected. If you call center operators are busy you might be connected to an automated system.

At the moment we provide Collect Calls destinated only to the USA and to Canada.

How Collect Calls work…

  1. You call our operator and ask for a Collect Call to the destination.
  2. The operator calls the destination to ask weather to take over the costs for the call.
  3. The destination approves the takeover of the costs.
  4. The operator connects you with the destination.

How the Collect Call-Service looks…

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