Our big aim is to provide services that keep you connected with your family, your bank or any other company while being abroad. To make this easy we provide you with several operator assisted services through local toll free numbers and a Skype-ID that connect you with our US-based Call Center. We try to make this service as comfortable as possible for you.

We not only provide Collect Calls but nearly all common operator services as well:

  • Calling Cards
    Still an alternative for any telecommunication service. Call worldwide at very comparative prices. (learn more)
  • Collect Calls / Reverse Charge Call to USA and Canada
    Calls being billed on the called party’s expense. (learn more)
  • Credit Card Calls
    Calls being billed on your credit card. (learn more)
  • Third Party Billing Calls
    Calls being billed on a third party’s expense. Our multilingual call center agents are happy to help you. (learn more)

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