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International Collect Calls

You need to CALL somebody COLLECT in USA or Canada, you have found the right place!


  • you are in case of an emergency and need to call your relatives,
  • your kid is abroad the first time and you like him to call you, just to know everything is fine,
  • you need to report a stolen credit or debit card.

Use Collect Calls, especially if you need quick and easy help!

Have a look at our Collect Call Directrory as well to know very quickly if your bank (or other service provider) accepts Collect Calls  for quick and easy help.

How to Call Collect?

  1. Have a look at the list on the right side. Choose the toll free number of the country you call from.
  2. Dial the number.
  3. Follow the instructions of the operator.

Example: In case you wish to Call Collect from Italy to USA you have to dial 800.786.163. This number will connect you directly with an operator at our call center in USA. It is that easy!

Call USA / Canada Collect from…

United States Canada USA/Canada: 866.390.8511
Australia Australia: 1800.226.430
Austria Austria:  0800.296.479
Belgium Belgium: 0800.71187
Brazil Brazil: 0800.891.9631
China China (North): 10800.972.0102
China China (South): 10812.4094
France France: 0800.900.624
Germany Germany: 0800.DIALUSA
Germany Germany: 0800.181.6974
Greece Greece: 00800.161.220.33000
Guatemala Guatemala: 999.9189.4012
Hungary Hungary: 06.800.14476
Italy Italy: 800.786.163
Netherlands Netherlands: 0800.022.5998
New Zealand New Zealand: 0800.444.371
Mexico Mexico: 01800.099.0676
Poland Poland: 0800.121.1985
Spain Spain: 900.951.586
United Kingdom UK: 0808.234.3776