How to make a Collect Call from Europe to Canada

Calling Canada Collect from Europe

We cover a lot of countries in Europe:

  1. In Austria dial 0800.296.479.
    In Belgium dial 0800.71187.
    In France dial 0800.900.624.
    In Germany dial 0800.DIALUSA.
    In Greece dial 00800.161.220.33000.
    In Hungary dial 06.800.14476.
    In Italy dial 800.786.163.
    In Netherlands dial 0800.022.5998.
    In Poland dial 0800.121.1985.
    In Portugal dial 800.180.185.
    In Spain dial 900.951.586.
    In UK dial 0808.234.3776.
    In all other countries you can reach our agents via Skype.
    Our operators are happy to take your call!
  2. Tell the operator that you intend to make a collect call.
  3. Tell the operator the number you wish to get connected with.
    The operator is now calling the recipient in order to ask her or him for a connection with you. This means a little waiting time for you.
  4. If the recipient accepts the call, you will get connected. If not, the operator will inform you about that.
Collect Call from Europe to Canada
How to make a Collect Call from Europe to Canada
Collect Call from Europe to Canada

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